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Waiter, there’s a hair in my tag soup

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2009 at 11:26 am

So, I got a new project to work on and it is basically adding one page to an existing site and updating some content throughout the site. This is the first site I’ve worked on in a while with loads of legacy code on it. The site has been laid out using tables and makes liberal use of the FONT tag.

Fortunately, the code is not as bad as it could be. There doesn’t seem to be any unused code or overuse of BR tags or empty P or DIV tags for creating whitespace, and, no, I haven’t found any BLINK tags on it. I’d like to convert the whole thing to a CSS layout and sweep out the legacy code but I’m not sure right now if the project’s budget will allow it.

Okay, so that wasn’t much of a post. More like a vent. So here’s a couple things I have found out about recently that I’ll be looking into more:

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