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Introducing Grufón

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2009 at 2:36 pm

I’m often finding or stumbling across new front end development techniques on the web, some of which I make a mental note to use sometime in the future and some of which I want to use right away. I recently found out about the grunge text effect at Janko Jovanovic’s blog and added it in to this CMZ Media Developer blog about an hour ago. The effect currently shows up on the headers from level two through four (H2H4); I may add it to other elements later on.

This technique utilizes a transparent PNG placed as the background image in a SPAN you include in the element you want to add the effect to. Since that will validate but it’s still a little on the hacky side I made it a little less hacky by using jQuery to write the SPAN in, like so:

  1. jQuery(‘H3,H4’).append(‘<span></span>’);

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Data Tables, Lesson #2

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2009 at 2:27 pm

I’ve talked before about how there are proper uses for HTML tables in addition to the improper use (i.e., page layout) that most web developers seem to be aware of. Now I’m going to show an example of an HTML table put to proper use. On my Los Angeles County Mexican Restaurants blog I have an entry that shows the restaurants that have been covered so far.

Mex Food LA Table

This table has a number of interesting features that I will go through one by one. Read the rest of this entry »

jQuery Reveal and Hide

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 at 12:51 pm

Here’s a little jQuery trick I have implemented on my Orange County Mexican Restaurants blog. I have found that many visitors don’t know about the labels that are at the bottom of most of my blog entries, which, if clicked, will lead them to more information on the subject(s) they are reading about. Another problem is that often Google doesn’t send them to the best page on my site for the search terms they used.

For instance, often people will search on “Mexican restaurants at Disneyland” and they will be sent (for some odd reason; Google, fix your algorithm) to my entry on the chimichanga carts there. Now, I have way more information on Mexican food and restaurants at Disneyland than just that one entry and I even included linkage for it, but at this stage of the Internet game people don’t seem to recognize and utilize text links anymore.

What I have done then is to create the following graphic:

Complete Mexican Food at Disneyland Coverage

And include it in each individual Disneyland-related entry on my blog and link it to the Disneyland label (

However, once they click through to that label they don’t need to see that linked graphic anymore so I turn it off using the following jQuery code (label URL abbreviated for presentation here): Read the rest of this entry »